Rated voltage 500kV (Um=550kV) XLPE insulated corrugated aluminum PE (PVC) sheathed power cable products introduction

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1 Product Implementation standards

1.1  GB/T22078.1-2008 Rated voltage of 500kV (Um=550kV) XLPE power cable and power  cable accessories systems - Test methods and requirements
1.2  GB/T22078.2-2008 Rated voltage of 500kV (Um=550kV) XLPE insulated power cable
1.3  GB/T22078.3-2008 Rated voltage of 500kV (Um=550kV) XLPE insulated power cable  accessories

2 The use of conditions:

2.1 Use occasions

2.1.1 The maximum allowable temperature of the cable conductor: when the normal operation  is 90 degrees C; short circuit (the longest 5S) is 250.
2.1.2 The minimum bending radius of the cable is recommended to 20 times the diameter of  the cable.
2.1.3 The application environment of the cable is mainly determined by the performance of  the cable metal sheath and the plastic outer sheath Metal sleeve
The lead sheath  cable and the corrugated aluminum sheath cable are suitable for general  occasions, especially for the following occasions:
-Lead  sheathed cable: corrosion is more serious but not nitric acid, acetic acid,  organic matter (such as coal) and strong alkaline corrosion, and the mechanical  force (tension, pressure, vibration and other small places).
-corrugated  aluminum sheath cable: corrosion is not serious and requires a certain  mechanical strength of the premises (such as direct connection with the  transformer, laying on the bridge and shaft medium). Outer  sheath of plastic
-type 02 (PVC) outer sheath  cable is mainly suitable for the high voltage cable line with the general fire  protection requirement and a certain insulation  requirement for the outer  sheath;
-type 03 (PE) outer sheathed  cables are mainly suitable for high voltage cable lines with high external  insulation requirements directly buried.

2.2 Rated Voltage In Power System

Allowable rated voltage value of cable U0、U、Um is as follows:

U0: The rated voltage  phase voltage between a conductor and a shield or a metal shield for the design  of a cable.
U: Rated voltage (line  voltage) between conductors used in cable design
Um: Equipment maximum voltage the maximum value of the highest voltage  system using equipment

3 Cable type and description

3.1 Code

Note: Corrugated aluminum sheath including extruded corrugated aluminum sheath and welding corrugated aluminum sheath, two kinds of corrugated aluminum sheath code is LW, does not distinguish, but the welding corrugated aluminum sheath should be clear in the product name, the name of the welding corrugated aluminum sheath is extruded corrugated aluminum sheath. Corrugated copper sheath and corrugated stainless steel sheath are all welded metal sheath.。

3.2 Type

3.3 Product Description

The cable model is composed of characteristic  code, insulation, conductor, metal sheath, non-metallic sheath , water blocking  structure and rated voltage), specifications (core, the nominal cross-section) and  standard code.
3.3.1 Cable Specifications
The conductor cross section (mm2) of rated  voltage 290/500kV cable is 800, 1000, 1200, (1400), 1600, (1800), 2000, (2200),  2500, The cable specifications in    the  brackets are non preferred conductor cross sections;
3.1.2  Model followed by the insulation,conductors, metal cover, non-metallic outer sheath and fire-retardant characteristics,  Anti-termites , water blocking structure of the cable constitute; ZC-YJ LW 02-Z-290/500kV-1*1600
ZC……….Flame retardant
YJ……….XLPE insulated(Copper)
LW……….Corrugated  aluminum sheath
02……….PVC  outer sheath
Z……….longitudinal  Water blocking
290/500kV……….Voltage  grade
1*1600……….Single core and conductor nominal cross-section
Cable specification: Rate voltage 290/500kV,  single core ,copper conductor nominal cross section 1600mm2,XLPE insulated  corrugated aluminum sheathed longitudinal blocking water flame retardant class  C PVC sheathed power cable.   FY-YJ L LW 03-Z-290/500KV-1*2500
YJ……….XLPE  insulated
L……….aluminum  core
LW………Corrugated  aluminum sheath
03……….PE  outer sheath
Z……….Longitudinal  water proof
290/500KV……….Voltage  grade
1*2500……….Single core and conductor nominal cross-section
Cable specification: Rate voltage 290/500kV,  single core, Aluminum conductor nominal cross section 2500mm2,XLPE insulated  corrugated aluminum sheathed longitudinal water blocking termitproof PE  sheathed power cable.   FY-YJ L Q 03-Z-290/500KV-1*2000
YJ……….XLPE  insulated
L……….aluminum  core
Q……….lead  sheathed
03……….PE  outer sheath
Z……….Longitudinal  water proof
290/500KV……….Voltage  grade
1*2000……….Single  core and conductor nominal cross-section
Cable specification: Rate voltage  290/500kV, single core, Aluminum conductor nominal cross section 2000mm2, XLPE insulated lead  sheathed longitudinal water blocking termitproof PE sheathed power cable.

4 Product Structure

4.1 Product Structure Diagrams


Specification Model: YJLW03-Z-290/500KV-1*2500mm2


Specification Model: FY-YJLW03-Z-290/500KV-1*2500mm2

4.2 Product Structure

4.2.1 Conductor

Conductor material adopts circular tight-pressing copper conductor or fan-shaped segmentation conductor. When the nominal cross-sectional area of the conductor is 800mm2, the  structure of the circular tight-pressing copper conductor or the fan-shaped  segmentation conductor can be arbitrarily selected. When the nominal  cross-sectional area of the conductor reaches 1000mm2 and above the structure of the fan-shaped segmentation conductor is used, the surface of the conductor is smooth, no oil,  no burr, sharp edge and convex or broken line;

When the cable conductor nominal cross section is 800mm2, the conductor of the single root  number shall not be less than 53, When the nominal cross section is 1000mm2 ~ 1600mm2, the single wire in the  fan-shaped segmentation conductor of the cable shall not be less than 170, and the nominal cross section is up to 1800mm2  and above , the single wire in the fan-shaped segmentation conductor of the  cable shall not be less than 265

4.2.2 Conductor Shielding

The conductor shield is composed of a semi conductive tape and an  extruded semi conductive layer, the thickness of the Conductor Shielding is 2.5mm, and the thickness of the extruded semi    conductive layer is 2.0mm.
Semi conductive materials for shielding are made of super smooth  cross linked semi conductive materials. The extruded semi conductive layer  should be evenly coated on the semi conductive tape outside, and firmly adhered  to the insulating layer. The semi conductive layer and the insulating layer of the interface should be smooth, no obvious twisted line wale, sharp corners, particles, burnt or scratches.

4.2.3 Insulation

Insulation material should be  imported super purified to cross linked polyethylene material, the average thickness  of the insulation and the nominal value shall be the positive tolerance, the  positive tolerance is not greater than the nominal value of 10%+0.1mm.

4.2.4 Insulation Shielding

The insulation shield is an extruded semi conductive layer, the thickness of the approximate value is 1.0mm. With extruded insulation shielding conductor shielding layer and the insulating layer three layer coextrusion. Insulation should be evenly coated on the surface of the insulation, and firmly adhered to the insulating layer The surface of the insulation shielding and insulating layer and the interface should be smooth, with no sharp corners, particles, burnt or scratch marks.

4.2.5 Buffer layer, longitudinal water resistance structure

Buffer layer:A buffer layer should be provided outside the insulating semi conductive  shield layer. The buffer layer is wrapped around and formed by a semi  conductive elastic material or a semi conductive resistance water expansion  belt with a longitudinal water resistance function.
Longitudinal water resistance  structure:   when there is a longitudinal water  resistance requirements in the gap between the metal sleeve of the cable, There  should be a longitudinal water resistance structure between the insulating  shield and the metal sleeve.
The longitudinal water resistance structure is composed of a  semi conductive resistance water expansion belt. Semi conductive water  expansion Belt should be wrapped tightly, flat, no scratches

4.2.6 Metal Shield

The metal shielding are made by copper wire or copper tape or metal sleeve etc..
Metal shielding and metal sleeve  section should meet the requirement of system short circuit capacity. When the  section of the metal sleeve does not meet the requirements, it must be met by  increasing the thickness of the metal sleeve or increasing the copper wire  shielding.

4.2.7 Metal Sleeve

The metal cover is divided into  two kinds of lead sheath or corrugated aluminum sheath. Corrugated aluminum  sheath is made of aluminum with a purity of not less than 99.6%, the elongation  of the aluminum strip should be not less than 16%. Welded corrugated aluminum  sheath is not allowed to have   weld seam  of the circumferential direction. The inner wall of the weld seam is smooth,  and the strength of the weld seam is not less than the strength of the aluminum  sleeve,

4.2.8 Asphalt Coating

Asphalt coating is metal surface  asphalt or hot melt coating anticorrosion layer, The anticorrosion layer has  good adhesion, and is uniformly and completely coated on the metal sleeve;

4.2.9 Non Metallic Sheath

The outer sheath is divided into  a single outer sheath and a double outer sheath. High density polyethylene  (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) materials should be used in the single  outer sheath structure. The outer sheath has good anti-corrosion,  moisture-proof, anti termite and flame retardant properties; The outer sheath  surface has a conductive layer with good continuity on the surface which is not  easy to fall off.
The outer sheath of the need to  increase the "pest control" ("Termigon") or "tuidi  bug" anti termite sheath, using double sheath structure, wherein the inner  sheath should be of high density polyethylene (HDPE) sheath, outer sheath  should be used "pest control" ("Termigon") or "tuidi  bug" anti termite sheath material
The inner high density  polyethylene sheath thickness should be 3 ~ 3.5mm, the outer sheath thickness should be 2 + 0.1mm. The inner high density polyethylene  should choose red additive, to show the difference between the outer layer and  the anti-ant sheath. The anti-ant sheath should have good corrosion resistance  (especially formic acid), wear resistance and elasticity. Surface should have a  high degree of finish.

4.2.10 Graphite semi conductive layer

The outer sheath surface is  coated with a layer of graphite semi conductive layer, and the semi conductive  layer is coated on the outer sheath evenly as the outer electrode of the outer  sheath voltage endurance test.

5 Lifting, Storage and Transportation

5.1  Hoisting cable applications meet the weight  of crane and cable hoisting, prohibited several dishes at the same time,  hoisting, is strictly prohibited from throwing height with cable of cable tray,  non mechanical damage to the cables, lifting shall not bump, oblique hanging  and lifting points to correct, to light hanging with care.
5.2  Cable tray does not allow flat or rolling, cable accessories should avoid  storing in the open air, cables and accessories should avoid contact with corrosive substances, should take the necessary precautions against fire. And  there is a regular inspection, to prevent accidents caused by cable and accessories damage.
5.3  Installed in vehicles, ships and other means of transport of cable plate must  be placed on a smooth, using appropriate fixation methods (such as line tray)  to prevent colliding or overturned.
5.4  The position of the cable tray (whether or not there is no bracket) to be  level, and shall not be stored on the inclined plane of more than 5 degrees. Cable reel side superscript "cable disc rolling direction" and  "traction head out of the direction, traction head out of the direction  and the line direction, placed in front of the line should be the confirmation.

Dimension and Weight Reference

Dimension and Weight Reference

Electrical Parameters

Electrical Parameters

Rating current of cable

Rating current of cable

Mechanical Parameters

Mechanical Parameters

Note: The above data is for reference only; if the data in the table does not conform to the National Standard, Please refer to the national standard of People's Republic of China.

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