2018-3-21 11:57:22

The quality assurance period of cable and the payment method of quality bond

At present, how long the product quality assurance period is in our country's domestic production and sale of wire and cable products, and the relevant laws and regulations have not been issu…


2018-1-13 20:04:43

Service life of wire and cable

As to the service life of wire and cable, up to now, there is no unified standard in our country. According to the design requirements of the product, in the normal working environment, the c…


2017-10-30 11:25:01

Export process of wire and cable products (3)

9 Transportation insuranceGenerally, the import and export parties have agreed to transport insurance in advance in the signing of "export sales contract". Common types of insurance…


2017-9-21 20:18:06

Export process of wire and cable products (2)

4、Sign the contractThe exporter and importer sign the export sales contract on the basis of agreed trading terms. The contract must be agreed: the basic terms of wire and cable name, specifi…


2017-7-29 17:20:47

Export process of wire and cable products (1)

Chinese is an import and export trading power, the production of industrial products has been close to the world advanced level, China manufacturing has been enjoyed a high prestige in the w…


2017-6-27 16:38:02

Three methods of XLPE cable cross-linking process

XLPE cable is the use of XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene) material as insulating layer of the cable, In the production process, the physical or chemical method is used to change the molecula…


2017-5-30 21:13:56

Comparison of (flexible) mineral insulated cables YTTWY/NG-A BTLY

YTTTWY copper core copper sheathed mineral insulated cable and NG-A BTLY isolation type (flexible) mineral insulated cable, belong to copper core metal sheath mineral insulated power cable. B…


2017-4-28 11:14:42

Comparison of metal sheath inorganic mineral insulated power cable YTTWY and heavy copper c…

LU Shaoshan With the development of society, the mineral insulated power cable is getting more and more popular in the social development. But most users talk about mineral insulated cables a…


2017-3-29 12:30:30

Thanksgiving, integrity, cooperation, win-win

Golden Rooster delivers good news,Swallows dance in the spring! A good time in the spring, Guangzhou Nanyang cable Co. Ltd. marketing website, after nearly a year and a half of the hard work…


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